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123 Flash Chat: It could add a flash chat room to your website in minutes! It's a fast, easy and affordable way to host and manage real-time group chat.

Question about 123 Flash Chat

123 Web Messenger

123 Web Messenger: It is a real-time instant messaging software featured with the Facebook Messenger Style Web Chat Bar.

123 Live Help

123 Live Help: It is a web-based live support chat software. It enables the e-business websites to offer online instant help to the visitors, and turn potential customers to buyers.

Company Introduction

TopCMM Software Corp. specializes in software development, service& consulting and technical support & is growing fast and expanding in multimedia communication software market.

We produce leading multimedia and communication softwares and our products are popular all over the world, including 400,000 websites in more than 150+ countries/region, and the number is still growing!

We also provide quality value-added service to customers and gain worldwide reputation.

123 Flash Chat Wiki System Introduction

The wiki system is about FAQ of TopCMM products: 123 Flash Chat, 123 Live Help & 123 Web Messenger, in which there are detailed questions and answers customer maybe encountered during using these Chat Software.

Why need to register an account?

The 123 Flash Chat Wiki System is open to everyone, but just to see not modify and comment except our customers. Namely, only customers could submit a comment for the wiki contents, or even modify them. So register an account is necessary.

How to register an account?

Note: Only the buyers for our products are privileged to register.

To register a wiki account, please send an email to [email protected] with subject: Register 123 Flash Chat wiki system account. ( Important: please write down your purchase email and registered username.) Submit a new wiki subject to us: TopCMM is always ready to accept your good advice. If you have good new wiki subject, don’t hesitate to send it to us: [email protected]. We will review your advice as soon as possible.

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Twitter: Follow us on twitter to learn more!

Facebook: Join us on Facebook.

Flickr: TopCMM Team Album

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