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For installation, it will be divided into six parts to show and demonstrate how to install your 123 Web Messenger Chat Software on different operating systems. Those six parts, namely, are "For Windows Users", "For Linux Users", "Other Platforms", "Storing Data in MySQL", "Server Requirements", and "Client Requirements".

Two main versions for 123 Web Messenger Chat Software: one is for Windows and the other for Linux. Both include J2SDK5.0.

For other platforms, before installing 123 Web Messenger Chat Software, J2SDK5.0 must be installed. (You can download J2SDK5.0 from: )

The following folders are contained in 123 Web Messenger Chat Software installation folder:

Installation Instructions (For license-buyer):

Thank you for ordering 123 Web Messenger Chat Software ! The following is the installation guide.

1. Install a free demo version which can be downloaded from:


2. Stop your 123 Web Messenger server

3. Put two keys into the specific folders.

3.1 Copy "wmserver.jar" file to: <123webmessenger installation directory>/server/lib/

3.2 Copy "license.dat" file which we generated especially for your domain to: <123webmessenger installation directory>/server/license/

4. Decide to use embedded Derby database or MySQL database (MySQL is recommended to most users). If you need to use the embedded database, please jump to the next section. To use MySQL, please refer to the "Storing Data in MySQL" part.

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Storing Data in MySQL

Server Requirements

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