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Auth-URL Integration

The whole scenario is that the chat server will communicate with the external database through a dynamic application, like PHP, ASP, or JSP. The auth-url is the abbreviation for authentication URL.

You are strongly recommended to integrate with this way as it is simple and stable. It requires you to be familiar with your own database, and capable of coding dynamic webpage. The sample of the auth-url dynamic webpage is available, simply and you can send email to [email protected] to request.

Explicitly, the Auth-URL application will perform as the communicating medium of the 123 Web Messenger and the database, i.e: in fact, when a user logs into the 123 Web Messenger, the software won't connect to the user database directly, instead, it will send the username and password to the auth-url. Then the auth-url requests the database to authenticate the user. Then the auth-url will return the feedback to the chat server in a predefined way, whether approved or declined.

Auth URL Output:
(What does each number means in terms of the authentication result? Please26iew the following annotation.)
0 - login successfully;
1 - wrong password;
3 - login error
4 - username does not exist
5 - successfully log in as an administrator
6 - not allow guest to login
7 - the user has been baned

Note: Dealing with guest login, the auth-url will get no password and fail to find any username in the database, in that case, auth-url should respond with 4 to ensure the user to enter chat room smoothly. If respond 0, 1 or 5, the chat server will decide the username is already taken and decline the user's connection effort.

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