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What is the essence of doing a website? Rank and traffic might pop up for most of the webmasters. Then how to make your website distinctive and attractive to get more users? As most of the experienced webmasters may share, a live chat software will be able to do that. Adding a chat software to your website will be a simplest way to bring the most considerable traffic.

A Well-trusted Video Chat Solution

123 Flash Chat is one of the leading chat software on the market. No matter you just joined in this industry or you have been quite experienced you will be hearing of 123 Flash Chat. 123 Flash Chat boasts a powerful java chat server which can hold over 5000 users online simultaneously. And it is a video chat solution which can work out video webcam chat perfectly. Trusted by over 400,000 websites 123 Flash Chat has won world wide praises. It has customers in more than 150 countries and quite a few most popular chatting sites have chosen 123 Flash Chat for its powerfulness and utility. It is quite simple to use as well there is a professional team sitting behind and willing to help at any time and you can also choose to customize it as per your own wish.

Innovative Chat Software

What is so special about 123 Flash Chat Software is that it never stops its pace to get upgraded. A software that always gets improvement. A software that always gets the key of the market trend. It is never easy to keep abreast with the users request and market trend but 123 Flash Chat has managed to make it. A live example will be the html chat that has been developed by the whole team for the most recent few releases. HTML chat is accepted by more and more website masters as a more convenient and effective chat tool box comparing with flash chat. It does not need a flash player to load and it can be working cross-device. HTML chat has become the focus since V9.7 for 123 Flash Chat. What can be done is the flash chat in the past has been transferred to the html chat client step by step. Thanks to the cutting edge technology, html chat has become the default chat client instead of flash client now.

123 Flash Chat published its latest version V10.0 in Nov. 2013. It was at its 10th anniversary. A lot of efforts has been done to make the chat UI more impressive in terms of html chat. By enabling hand raising function 123 Flash Chat has more options for video chat. What is charming is that the chat owners can motivate the users interest to spend more on the chat and liven up the chat room. Chat has been upgraded in comprehensive ways and it is even getting more new smileys and skins.

123 Flash Chat is always creative. It has been used by some very famous chat communities like chat avenue. The longer you stay with 123 Flash Chat, the more you will realize that it is a best video chatting software. Have a try and you will never regret using this amazing chat software!

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