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123 Live Help provides three options for webmasters.

1. Free Trial License

It has all the functions of the full version, even including video chat and file transfer!

A trail version notification will popup every 10 minutes both for the client and operator panel, and the text ads at the bottom of the chat client can't be changed.

 Free Download 123 Live Help, Live Support, Live Chat, Online Help

2. 15-day Hosted Trial

It's hosted by 123 Live Help, free of charge for 15 days with full functions.

Only free for 15 days. After that it will be closed without renewal.

Free Hosting of 123 Live Help, Live Support, Live Chat, Online Help

3. Paid License or Paid Hosting

Admin Panel, ban/kick, video chat, file transfer, image transfer, SkypeIn service, proactive chat invitation, operator/admin desktop app, etc. Professional support, everything you can imagine and NO ads!

Buy 123 Live Help, Live Support, Live Chat, Online Help

Buy 123 Live Help Host, Live Support, Live Chat, Online Help
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