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I am the Site owner and the Manager of DeluxChat.

I want to Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your amazing support and the fast service you have showen. You guys are trully blessed and talented in what you do. And there is nothing I could've wished to be better.

With all my experience I have got to know a lot about what is Good and What is bad online. And I found trully found the Best on TopCMM and 123FlashChats Team. I wanted to congratulate you guys for your amazing and great Team Work. I have so far never seen or been able to experiece such an amazing support and help team befor.

Right now I have only experienced 2 Companies that have the BEST Support and Service which I have recommended to all my friends. One is "" and now " + TopCMM.

This includes all the Amazing members of your Team, espcially Mr. Lex, Young my Sales Rep.and the rest of TomCMM Team Katherine, Andrew, etc.... Once again, I thank you guys for the awesome work and support.

Josh from

We started our website with a 50 users license, the professional help and support from TopCMM team, allowed us to grow month after a month till we upgraded to the Unlimited-Pro license in 2009. Now we became the biggest chatting website in the Arab World (22 Countries).TopCMM employees are not only very professional but also friendly and responsible. 123 Flash Chat is the best chat software available in the market, stability, professional interface, wide range of features and large number of concurrent chatters support. Full Review >>

Alaa Alhamdan
Twelve Chat

Hello from France to everybody !....

I dropped my "java-irc chat" because I couldn't resist 123flashchat... and I don't regret it ! Since I have used this great "flash chat", the number of visitors is growing and "bestofchat" is also growing on. Thank you very much to the whole team for the support and the custom features you had developped for me !

I'll upgrade to unlimited user license soon, and maybe a lot of custom feature development after.

you know.. your chat.. is my life !!! is my job... and it's growing up because of your great chat so our job is not finished.

Julien Becuwe

We have just recently started to use 123flashchat for our Audio/Video chat programs and we absolutely love it!! We have used other software packages such as Digichat and Userplane, but nothing compares to the simplicity and endless features found here. We are now considering to use 123flashchat across our entire network of chat rooms.


Remember two important points:

- The important point is the users point of view, and from this point this is the best chat I found. Once it is installed it works brilliant.

- I bought the script about 3 years ago and I see very good improvement in the developement of the integration. While it was a two-hour-process editing masses of php-files that time, now it is only the upload of some files and the edit is just some little code-snippets, few of them. And the rest ... adjusting paths until it works.

When you want to integrate a really good chat and nut "just a simple script", you will have to do some work. And if this is your goal, 123flashchat is maybe the best you can get (I didn′t find a better one.)

(Quoted from

I used to run irc-servers under Linux for years, but many wrong things happened. With this 123flashchat my server is never down and the support is excellent all the time, and with a fast response from all the supporters. I'll say this is the chat that most people will use. Another thing I like is how often they upgrade and fix eventually problems that may occur, even if problems seldom happens. Keep up the great work guys. This is a big success!

Tom Vstlunden

I wanted to give you a note about your company and why I made the purchase over other products. I spent at least two weeks trying out all the quality chat programs. The one thing that sold me on yours was the posting of the updates and how often you guys made major version upgrades. It showed me that you guys were never happy with where your product was and were always looking to improve. It also gives the hint to possible buyers that you guys probably listen to input from your current customers and make quick upgrades that they request.

Now add to the fact that you've answered the two support tickets quickly that I've sent, I'll help get the word out on how much I like your services.

Thanks for the quality product and killer service

Michael Jones

I have searched high and low for stylish yet simple chat software and this was without a doubt the best of the best. You can't go past the flash interface, which looks better than most of the professional chat sites out there at the moment. I have purchased and installed the client and server software, and am also hosting the server software on the 123flashchat servers. I can honestly say that the customer support and value for money is fantastic, I am a very very satisfied client.

Guy Blomberg

Thanks, and GREAT answer to our prayers!!!

Werner Technologies, Inc.

there is something you need to know, we always are looking for new experiences in the internet, new softwares and everything, and your chat is very very far away to have some competition. You have the best chat system on all the internet.


I would like to thank you for this wonderful software, also for the strong support of your company.

I want to recommend websites owners to use 123 Flash Chat (Joomla, PHPbb, PHPfox, and other scripts for social websites), because you will get very good traffic with the great service from TOPCMM : integration of 123 flashchat with your social website.


123FlashChat is the future of chat rooms. We are very satisfied we chose 123FlashChat over other chat softwares. We love it and most importantly our chatters and new visitors love them too! 123FlashChat are easy to use, affordable, offer outstanding professional support, and are reliable. What more can you want?


Way before I developped my educational site, I could count on professional and very friendly guide through the solutions that 123flashchat could offer a site that would purely render educational services. I have a very inviting and powerful chat with video conferencing on my site now. The friendly workers at understand my needs and have integrated their software into my website in such a way that my users (students) can enjoy my live tuition and instant Live Help without any effort. To sum it up: 123flashchat software is simply the best in my opinion.


Many years ago (6-7) I was using several chat programs that I found on the internet, some of them were free and others costed a few dollars. Our chat had an increased traffic in 2009 and 2010, there were constantly many users connected to it and it froze frequently so it required restarting. Full Review >> Team

Top Sales Reviews

I would like to thank all the folks at 123flashchat for there assistance online, Fred, Grace and all the other folks have been great help online. They are very professional and know their jobs well. I cannot thank 123flashchat enough for having such fine folks working there. I think one of your company's best assets is the folk that help online.

Thank you so much for the best support I have ever experienced online

Craig G

I just want to say thank you for the great Sales Rep. They helped me very much with installation and integration of our portal, also provide all information very fast. Actually I have not seen such fast and reliable support and I've got a lot of licensed interned software including software for social networks and dating sites. I hope you will keep this highest level of quality in the future.

Yael Kiseleva

Aaron did a great job.

i was a bit nervous hearing this product is from china since we only buy software products from Germany,India and USA.

Thanks to aaron, most of my queries have been resolved, he really made things personal while explaining stuff and i learnt some new things about china too.

Avin Von Silva

I just want to inform you that Brian Scott is a "James Bond of customer support".

He is alert about customer needs as he give specific advice about how to make things work (even better);

He miss out no email with questions as well he responds faster than lightning;

He is clear in his communication which enables customers to get started fast without headache;

He makes sure he knows that the customer is really satisfied and or needs any more support;

if things not (yet) work Brian will make it work within no time no matter what it takes.

That's all.

Sharif van der Burgh

All I can say about the experience is that it was a truly impressive experience. Sally was very good at keeping me informed about what she was doing, and what she was looking at, as she worked her way through problem determination. From my vantage point, I am pleased to report that Sally was not only very professional in the way she approached her task, but she also performed it in a very comfortable, friendly way, so that I felt very confident in what she was doing throughout the entire process.Sally was able to resolve my problem for me, and I am extremely happy with those results!

O. J. Michael Egle

123 Flash Chat is the Best

You can get high-quality chat system and good-quality support from 123 flash chat. It is professionally and creatively designed for every webmaster, as the script faulty would be updated for free. So we recommend this fabulous software to all business websites worldwide. 123 flash chat is the best, thanks a lot.

Helge Pedersen Tomren


We started our chat website in 2010 with normal chat room with 50 users hosting license from World TOP flashchat provider TopCMM.

In few months our chat got more users requesting for cam chat and then we orderd new cam license from them. Finally we buyed unlimited license with more modules.

When i start to write the review here about our chat development and 123flashchat who help us to grow faster in this online chat world.

Now i like to say few words about TopCMM support team and sales team members. Most of the times i get more server issues and few settings problems. I Open a support ticket to help me to sort this problem. Each and every time they treat as real friends who need help to sort the problems. They are most tallented and professionl who else working in TopCMM (123flashchat).

Those who read this review, i recommend 123flashchat chat software for you new chat business. Just buy a license that all rest of the works done by professionl 123flashchat team members and they help you to grow fast and get more members to your website.

Sales team members are active and fast, They got all information on their finger tip and helps you instantly.

Master Zeus
ZoZo Chat

Chat Software Reviews

We launched the site with 123flashchat and we're truely grateful for its effectiveness and its easyness to use and install. Everytime we're facing a problem, we can contact somebody and they answer very quickly, despite the distance between France and the US. A wonderful application that you should insert on your site very quickly !


I'm a very satisfied client. You have a great product and a very efficient support as I never saw before.
Congratulation for all your team and I hope you have a happy New Year!


As we are the world's largest Arab online community website, we only deal and look for the best solutions. Now we have been using 123flashchat for more than 1 year, and we own a unlimited users license version with almost all modules included. Its so clear that our users love 123flashchat, and the number of chat users is growing since we used 123flashchat.

If you asked me to describe 123flashchat in a words i would say "quality, stability, perfection, professional, user friendly, full featured and the best chat in the market"

Excellent work topcmm.

Belal Sobar

Hi, I have been using your flash chat for months now and I have had great success with it.

keep up the great work. I've received nothing but positive feedback from my members about the chat.

Kevin Caines

The chatbox works fine. It is fast, reliable and our users really like it! Even during peakhours we have not experienced any problems whatsoever.

We haven't had any problems with connections, speed or anything else.
The service at 123FlashChat is top class. Every question is answered very quickly and professionally. ThiemeMeulenhoff is very satified with the way 123FlashChat has adepted the skin of Examenbundel and the modifications made. There have been some minor problems but these have been dealt with very quickly.

Conclusion: We are very happy to have chosen your chatbox. It has a very good value for money ratio, the performance is good and so is the backup and service of the team!

Edwin Dekker

It is the nicest, most user-friendly chat room I have ever come across. I should have kept it to myself and not posted it to the internet until after I purchased rights to it. C'est la vie. Live and learn.

Jason Dietrich

We have been dealing with TOPCMM for nearly 2 years. They constantly develop the chat software and take onboard a lot of suggestions. They are very profesional and hard working. They have just completed work on our one to one chat system, which I must say has proved very popular.
Full Review >>

Mark Harburn

Thank you for all your time. The chat script is wonderful. Every one of my members love the chat. Most of all thank you for being patient with me


I have a chat hosted by 123FlashChat, and I do not regret it! I have everything I was looking for : quality, a responsive support and especially a stable service.

Everyone knows that a site cannot retain its permanent members. And with TopCMM, I can (at any time) switch for a larger host (for the number of users).

I'm sure I will take a licence because of a growing community.
123Flashchat is also a solution for "small sites", with very affordable packages.

I have and I keep it!


Sylvère BRUN
Administrator of

The design and feel of the chat is what got the sale, but the level of administrative options is what made us fall in love with 123FlashChat.

Gregory Barrow

We have been using since 2008. We own an unlimited users license version with almost all modules included. We became a famous web site in Arab world because the visitors are growing up daily since we used Last but not least, Thanks for All the Employees in for their performances and for their helping every time.

Azzuni, Abdullah
Saudi Chat

I would recommend this software especially with all the cool new features which their latest version 9.0 has to offer.

My users really love all the new features including all the new avatars. We are going to work on getting the new module which will allow users to take a photo of them self using their web cam or load a picture from their computer to use as an avatar. The new sounds are awesome too and it's nice to not have the doorbell ring every time a new user enters the room. From a user perspective it's a very easy to use program and has a ton of cool gadgets. Users love the flash games which are accessible in the chat rooms for when things are quiet.

I'd recommend 123Flaschat to any potential client looking to have a stable, customer friendly chat program. TopCMM is doing a great job and I am happy to be a client of theirs now for almost two years.


I must say that first of all it was very easy to integrate this chat software in my website. I did not have to look for a programmer or spend several hours reading through the online manuals for the integration of the chat software in my website. The set up process itself was so fast. Full Review >>

Administrator is proud to be a client of '123 Flash Chat' we have used other chat software through-out the 5 years we have been around and nothing compares to be as good as 123 Flash Chat.

We have to say that your sales and support team has been absolutely amazing! We couldn't ask for anything better. If our site had occurred a problem the team had fixed any issues that we came across in a timely manner. Full Review >>

Mike M

that is awesome....I love it.


We have tested dozens of chat programs, and bought licenses for "pro versions" of a half dozen of them. We run several, and 123flaschat stands out as the most modern. Most other "professional chat programs" choke and fail once you get more than 20 people talking at the same time, we have never had this problem with 123 flashchat. The sleek design is unmatched, and the amount of admin options for making it function in the ways you prefer for your community is excellent. We appreciate the constant development and new features that are added as well. Currently I can say without a doubt this is the best software that we have used for our chatters.


Top Support Reviews

123 Flash Chat has been a superb service, and I would highly recommend it to any of my associates if they ever are looking for a chat solution. The uptime and level of service and customer support was and is, excellent.

Clyde Dsouza

Dear Topcmm-Team,

I would like to say thank you for your support. All supports are doing a great job and are always helpful and try to fix problems as soon as possible. I appreciate their help and I hope this will be the beginning of a long partnership with Topcmm.

Your service is very professional and I will recommend your products to my clients.



The support team helped me good; they got the thing I needed to be done quickly! Thank you.


I would like to thank you for all your help and also let you know that your company and yourself have provided excellent customer support and I wish there were more companies around like yours.

Mike Youssef Brunswick
Valley Lumber Inc.

Roger and Simeon has been very cooperative and fast at their job. Thankyou for you business.

Liberty Hoover

Wonderful software with a tun of features.
Perhaps only out done by the great employees of 123flashchat which work quickly and competently on whatever is needed!

Hello all!

We took a pro license in 123flashchat, and we're very happy.

24/24 support, with people very efficient and attentive .123FlashChat is certainly the best system of the moment regarding the chatroom / webcam.

I advise you to come here and seen to launch because it is a very good team! is thrilled to have a deal with 123flashchat because we want the best, and with 123flashchat, we have it!

Thank you for your good work with us!


Your firm has a truly outstanding product, and with employees like Aaron, your reputation for customer support will continue to improve.

Thank you for having such a customer support oriented firm. You are a positive example to software producers, everywhere.

Robert Hullock


I took a license 123flashchat and I'm happy for the quality of their service. Support always present at all times in case of difficulty.

A professional team, I do not regret my choice. A cat really worth a look I would advise everyone.


Questions are answered within 24 hours and technical issues solved within 48.

So from here a big Thumbs Up to the team who developed 123FlashChat and to the support team. You made a large group of people - including me - extremely happy!


We recently switched over to 123FlashChat from another competing flash chat software. All I can say is... WOW. 123FlashChat is way better in every aspect. It's virtually glitch-free, and runs very smoothly. Not to mention it's fun for all our users. Everyone loves the video chat and credit features.

For anyone interested in starting a chat room business, or even just wanting a meet up place for their friends, we would hands down recommend you 123Flashchat. It's just superior to any other chat software out there.


Hello team 123flashchat!

It's been a few years 123flashchat I know, only I had not purchased the license.Just last year, I bought my license and I do not regret having subscribed.


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