Purchase FAQ
Purchase FAQ 
Answers to the Purchase FAQ 

1.The support and upgrade service fee for 123 Flash Chat license?

  • Users can request free upgrade,if still within the grace period for free upgrade.
  • And 30%of the new license/package fee will be charged for those who run out of the free upgrade time.
  • The return customers(with package that does not exist in the current pricing system)can request upgrade for both version and connections with discount as per below chart.

Old License 9.x License
Upgrade Cost
50-100 users->100 users$90
50-100 users->Unlimited License$290
>=250 users->Unlimited License$250

As to the hosted chat users,you will continuously get free updates and uprade as long as your chat is still hosted by us.

Note:For any upgrade,your original modules will stay intact;No modules will be added or extracted.If you need modules package upgrade,please checkhere.


2.Can you develop new features for me?

Yes,we can make customization for chat software license buyers.

Please write to [email protected] with your detailed requests(a brief word document with some screenshots will be appreciated),and we'll respond with a quote and the hours estimation.

We charge extra developing fee on hourly basis and the hourly rate is $100. Even if it's just a vague idea yet,no problem,our sales representative is qualified to help you with the requirement analysis.

Please be aware that the customization buyer gets support only for the current version.

Note:The customization service is not available since Oct.1th 2014,and we will update when we enable the service.


3.What does the concurrent users license mean?

An 100 user license means that there can be 100 chatters simultaneously in all of your chat rooms.(but you may have unlimited registered members for sure.)When the 101st user try to connect chat,he will be notified:"Over max sessions,connection failed,please try later!"

As your business grows,when this kind of notice pops up frequently,it may be the right time for you to upgrade to a higher level.


4.I want to purchase 2 licenses,any discount?

According to our license agreement,the chat license is per domain basis.If you need to install 2 chat servers for two domains,please purchase 2 licenses.

We offer 20%discount for the second or more licenses,(but the PRO license won't get any discount, sorry!) Please contact [email protected] to get a special purchase link.


5. If I buy an 100 user license initially, how much should I pay when I update to unlimited user license?

To update one chat license to a higher level, all you have to pay is the price difference and $100 service fee.


6. How can I pay you?

1) You can choose PayPal, Shareit, Western union, bank transfer, etc. Usually we'll send you the product or offer service in 24 hours after we receive your order.The web messenger integration is rather complicated,so it can be expected within 72 hours.

2)The official paypal account is:[email protected] or [email protected]

You are suggested to verify the paypal account with our sales rep.(with red bold user name in the demo chat room)before sending the money.


7.Do you accept payment via Western Union?

Yes,please contact [email protected] or our online sales rep.to request details.

After you're done the money transfer in your bank,

  1. Please inform us the payment amount, original currency, desired product(s).
  2. The following information on your bank slip will be helpful:
    1) The "The Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN)"
    2) Your country, city and region
    3) Your first name and last name(seperately)(with correct spelling), case-sensitive.
    4) Please spell our first name and last name correctly, and don't put them in reversed fields.
    5)Your address.

WN is pretty simple and convenient,in case you're very careful. All the information you've provided to us must be precisely the same with what you've filled in the bank slip, or we can't pick up the money at all and you can't receive the product in time. That will waste time for both of us.

After you've offered us with sufficient information,we can confirm your order and check the order status online,then offer you product or chat hosting service in a timely manner.


8.Why is 123flashchat expensive?

Actually 123flashchat is relatively cheap in the chat server software industry.

Firstly our software is developed with the cut-edge technology;secondly,our service is superb;Thirdly,our product upgrades quite frequently and with the purchase you're also given a promise of better product in a near future.

On the contrary, most free software doesn't last long,if you choose some free chat,at last you probably will waste your most precious property and that will be your time.

123 Flash Chat Server Software products offer thebest price/performanceadvantage in the industry,it's worthy of the price.


9.Can I become your affiliate?

Yes welcome.We offer 20%commission to software affiliates.Details


10.Any discount if I buy 123LiveHelp and 123WebMessenger too?

Yes sure.123LiveHelp and 123WebMessenger are family products of 123FlashChat and we do have cross-promotion.

123FlashChat license buyer will get 20%off when purchasing 123LiveHelp or 123WebMessenger.

Please contact our online sales to get more details and make a choice.


11.Can I still buy a module alone?

Yes you can.The modules in the premium or ultimate package can still be sold alone,$99 each.Buy now


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