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I must say that first of all it was very easy to integrate this chat software in my website. I did not have to look for a programmer or spend several hours reading through the online manuals for the integration of the chat software in my website. The set up process itself was so fast.

Besides easy installation, 123FlashChat offered me loads of features.

Not many software products out there had these features. This chat software indeed proved to be the most versatile software that I have ever come across in my experience. Another reason why I liked this product is that 123FlashChat is very professional both in terms of the quality of the interface and the features. I should not forget to mention here that not only I am impressed with this chat software but my users are also impressed with the quality of the chat room experience they enjoy on my website and this is one of the main reasons I continue with 123FlashChat. I am not sure whether any other software will give me and my website users with the same quality experience. Unlike the other JAVA chats, it is very fast and I don't run in to problems on day to day basis.

Before installing this software I tried several others which promised quick installations and highly stable operations but all of them let me down. When I moved into this script, I was very happy because I did not have to worry about the stability of the chat platform.

Having used this software for years I would not hesitate to recommend this software to anyone that is looking for a dependable and hassle free chat software for their website.

123FlashChat offered me very dependable support during the installation process and after support works fast to give help when needed.


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Julien Becuwe

I dropped my "java-irc chat" because I couldn't resist 123flashchat... and I don't regret it ! Since I have used this great "flash chat", the number of visitors is growing and "bestofchat" is also growing on.
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5 cows Awards in Tucows
5 cows Awards in Tucows
5 star at BrotherSoft
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