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123 Lite Chat Client

123 Lite Chat Client


Lite chat client in v6.1 is another option for flash chat client, it is very small in filesize (only about 32 kb) and has the basic chat functions, including chat logo, user list, chat input area and chatbox to display chat content. The benefit of the lite version is that the loading speed can be faster than the old flash chat client because the decoration graphics are removed. Meanwhile, the lite version can handle higher load, there can be about 1000 people chat at the same time in the same room.

Feature List

  • Small
  • Basic Chat Functions
  • Fast
  • High Load Support


How to use it?

By default, the lite client will enter the first room of the chat and the user id will be generated automatically by the server. Or, you can use the init parameters to login and enter a room. The parameters are: init_user, init_password, init_nickname,init_room,init_room_pwd, for the instruction, please refer to the User Manual included in the free downloadable demo package, chapter of7.2 Client Parameters.

Sample code:


it indicates that you will use the username "a" with password "a" to enter the room which id is "1001".

Chatroom Management

The lite version is just for the end users, it's plain and simple, without the admin features. The admin and moderators are recommended to use the standard chat client to manage the chatroom, including kick and ban and other advanced features.

Live Demo for Lite Chat

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