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How to add a Post Notifer Module to Invision Power Board?

How to add a Post Notifer Module to Joomla?

To add a Post Notifier to Joomla! so that users won't miss your Joomla! new post when in chat, please refer to the following instructions.

Firstly, download Post Notifier Module.

Download Moodle

Then install this module in the Joomla! Website.
1. Login your website
admin panel -> Extensions -> Install -> Upload Package File:

2. Login your website
admin panel -> Extensions ->Module Manager ->Find: 123 Flash Chat Post Notifier-> Enabled it

Secondly, edit files.

Please open file:
<Your Joomla! installed directory>/administrator/components/com_content/controller.php

switch ($task)

Before Add
//123 Flash Chat code begin
 $mod_ds = 'modules'.DS.'mod_postnotifier'.DS;
 $MOD_JPATH_BASE = str_replace( 'administrator',$mod_ds.'mod_postnotifier.php', JPATH_BASE );
//code end

Thirdly, configure the parameters of Post Notifier Moudle.
1. OPEN: Admin Panel -> Extensions -> Module Manger

2. Click "123 Flash Chat Post Notifier", and configure your module parameters there.
(1) Chat server is hosted by your own.

(2) Chat server is hosted by

Done, enjoy this module.

Done, enjoy this module.

If you have any questions about it, please visit /faq.html.

You can also send email to [email protected], we offer free integration service for license buyer and yearly hosting buyer.



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