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1. What is 123 Flash Chat Software?

It's a fast, easy and affordable tool to host and manage real-time chat rooms online, for chat-events or online meetings.

123 Flash Chat Software brings you high-performance and rock solid stability with fast and easy installation on all major operating systems.

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2. Who can use 123 Flash Chat Software?

123 Flash Chat Software can be used in websites of any size and any industry, especially the dating sites, chat portals, community chat sites, e-learning/educational portals and entertaiment portals.


3. Can you install it for me?

YES! We can install it for the software license purchaser on request, without extra charge.

Windows user needs to provide a remote control desktop account, Linux user should provide a telnet or SSH account instead.

Our team has helped many of our customers with the installation. You may offer a temporary account which can be changed back when we are done. You can also monitor every move of us once we have accessed your server so you'll have no worries about the security issue.


4. Is there any live 123flashchat?

Yes sure, thousands of them! You are welcome to check out our featured client showcase or a brief client list.


5. How to boost traffic to a chat room?

Yes click here to see our suggestions.



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