Encrypt Message Module

* How does message encryption works?

With Encrypt-message chat module enabled, messages between the chat server and chat client will be protected by a private key and public key pair using RSA algorithm.

* What are the advantages of the Encrypt-message chat module?

After messages between the chat server and chat client are encrypted, nobody else on the network or internet can see what you are sending and receiving from the server. It is crucial espcially when users are required to supply a password, bank account details or other confidential information in your chat room.

Ultimately, the security of following things are now ensured:
* Public messages in password-protected rooms and member-only rooms.
* Private messages.
* User login password.

* How to enable encryption

1. You need to purchase the Encrypt-message chat module license key to activate the module on your chat server,
2. Configure chat server default.xml,
find: , change the value to "On"
3. Then restart chat server to launch the module

You can see the module can be enabled or disabled by configuration.

* What is the possible disadvantage?

With the encrypt-message module, the consumption of bandwidth will be increased by 50%.

However, as text chat uses very little bandwidth originally, on the whole this shouldn't be a problem for most servers.



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