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Can I Use 123 Flash Chat Software to Make Money

The answer is definitely a " Yes ".

123 Flash Chat Software is dedicated to developing user-friendly chat tool, eye-catching UI, diversified chat features, and last but not least, a chat solution that can make fortune.


123 Flash Chat has a virtual currency system which makes everything possible. Chat masters can activate the virtual currency system and credit system from admin panel and set the ratios accordingly and get started immediately!

Reflected as credits or coins possessed by users in the chat, they will need to purchase with real $$$ actually and, that money will go to the chat owners' pockets, which is basically the working scenario.


PPM/PPV room is part and parcel of 123 Flash Chat Software 's earning system. Video chat is crucial for most of the dating chat site, consultation chat site or remote e-learning chat systems and to charge those services on a periodical basis is an ideal way for the site admins to gain profit, thus making PPM/PPV software a trendy hot topic on the market.


Raised Hand

Assignable mode makes 123 Flash Chat more competitive!

Everyone wants to make acquaintances in a video chat platform and he will, if not a must, surely vote for it to get himself on the camera so that he can be a rocking star. Users will need this opportunity, they will click to wait in the queue, and they will buy it if credit needed, as long as he can be published on camera, or to be on the top camera; So goes your chance to boost your traffic and earn money by setting the criteria for users to be qualified to publish video in an assignable mode room!

Video Chat by Hand Raising and Its Benefits .

Chat Plugins

It may look trivial to you but that is only because you have not found its magic yet!

Marquees, bid sofa, facebook fan page, with all these plugins users will be motivated with impulse to consume within the chat and it is your chance!

Membership Upgrades

Users will pay to get upgraded to a higher level as a room member to stand out in the userlist and gain more privileges; This is a very chance to grasp the grip over the users' state of mind and at the same time, earn money. The follow privileges are available for HTML chat client such as max kick/mute times per day, immunity from being kicked or muted, access to a full room, etc.

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