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Add Ads

Google adsense code, graphic or even flash ads can be added to the chat room.

1.Banner advertising

Here you can define the banner advertisements and adapt them to fit your need in dimension, picture address, link URL, duration and so on. After setting, the advertisements will be shown at the bottom of your chat.


Field Name Description
Launch advertising Enable/Disable the function.
Advert width(pixel) Set the width of the advert.
Advert height(pixel) Set the height of the advert.
Advert Pics Fill in the name of the advert.
Link URL Fill in the address of the advert.
Duration(second) Set the time to broadcast the advert.

Note: The function can not be activated in free version.

2.External advertising (Google Ads)

The panel will help you add Google AD at the bottom of your chat, if you need to launch such an AD, please check the Enable external html box first, paste the AD code in the textbox below and click Save and Generate Code button, then you will be redirected to another panel, in that panel, you may click the Copy button and paste the code in the clipboard to embed a chat in combination with your Google AD in a page.

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