Design FAQ
Design FAQ
Answers to Design Questions:

1. Can you make a skin to fit my site?

Yes! License buyer may send requirements to [email protected] and we'll make a skin for you, the quote is $200 for every skin of 123FlashChat.

It includes the color scheme, background and logo change, but the position of the buttons and the menus will not be changed.

It is recommended to enable/disable the buttons and menus in the admin panel instead.


2. How to DIY my own skin?

Sorry, you can no longer DIY a skin, because the skins of 123 Flash Chat v8.x or later version are not separated any more but made within the "123flashchat.fla" itself.

But fortunately you can still DIY the basic skin color especially text color, or follow another useful tutorial: How to change background?

Or, if you have some professional designer, you can provide us a skin design set in JPG or PSD format. So how many parts a skin has? Please refer to this page, there are about 8 pictures which are all necessary in a skin.

We can then customize a skin for you by converting your design to skin elements.

Skin samples: /skin-showcase.html


3. Can you design a logo for us?

No problem! Just tell us the color code and font, or send us the graphical reference and we'd love to make one for license buyer or yearly hosting user in 24 hours after your customer identity is confirmed. Recommended dimension: 240*55 pixels.


4. How to edit font?

We charge extra developing fee ($200) to do it for you.


5. How to resize flash chat client?

123FlashChat flash client is resizable, it can be configured in the HTML code.

Edit the flash tag of the code generated in the admin panel, find the default size: WIDTH="779" HEIGHT="580", replace to the expected width and height.

Size minimum is 468*360 pixels. If you need it smaller, try the lite version (minimum: 202*318) of the chat client.


6. Can I have my own avatars or smilies/emotions?

Yes, we charge one hour of extra developing fee ($100) for replacement of every group of 40 avatars.

You may design the avatars or smilies and send the ZIP package to us and we'll replace for you.

Recommended size: 64*64 pixels, format preferred: GIF or PNG.

You are suggested to have no more than 40 avatars, 8 columns and 5 rows.

The similar charge applys to smilies/emotions change, we charge one hour of extra developing fee ($100) for adding every 12 smilies. (24 smileys costs $200.)

Since 123FlashChat 9.1, the hosted chat can keep customized smilies and emotions for every upgrade.


7. Can you change the loading page of 123FlashChat for me?

Yes, loading picture replacement is free for 123FlashChat 8.x users, as long as you'll provide us the picture you prefer. If design service is needed, we'll charge an extra $100.


8. How to change avatar size in 123 flash chat software?

In 123 Flash Chat, there are three kinds of avatar sizes: big, small or none. Different avatar sizes can fit in the chat rooms of different scales. Detail


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