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3 Days to 3 Hours: We Save You Time and Money

Date: Nov. 1st, 2013

123 Flash Chat 10.0 displays a dazzling outlook with new web edition of the user interface. There are 16 sets of skins available now with some of them freshly designed and every one of them refined. You must love it! Demo.

The icing on the cake is the customization skin, newly added but tremendously unique with which you can customize the background in 3 minutes. Unlike the previous versions which will only display customized background within the chat, now the background for the roomlist will be synchronized too! The magic lies in the transparency of the customization skin. It will suit any background you put in and make it shine.


Customization Skin

The real spark comes here. 123 Flash Chat 10.0 has simplified the skin customization process thus only 3 hours needed comparing with 3 days in the past. As a result, the cost has been lowered and it will save you both time and money to do a skin customization!

16 Skins are Available

Check here for our skin collection.

For more info or if you are ready to have a try, please contact our online sales.

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123 Flash Chat license buyers, please write to [email protected] to request upgrade, and we'll send instructions accordingly.
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