Friend List Module

123 Flash Chat offers optional Friend List module.

Friend List function list

  1. A friend list tab is added next to the userlist tab (It will be listed beneath the userlist tab in HTML5 client).
  2. Registered users are entitled to add registered users to the friend list and get buddies' status: online/offline.
  3. Add or remove buddies.
  4. Private chat with buddies.

Screenshots - Friend List Button

- Add a friend

- One friend is added!

- Here he is!

- Remove a friend from the friend list.

Purchase the new Friend List module now!

The price is only $99 $49.

Or if you prefer Paypal, please directly send $99 $49 to our paypal account: [email protected]. We'll send you the module or launch the friend list hosting service for your host right after the payment is received.


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