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16 Ways to Boost Traffic to Chat Room

Chat rooms can be hugely rewarding and add massive value to any website. They are fantastic and attracting, engaging and retaining members, but only if they are well moderated and popular.

It's never easy to run a chat room, so here are some quick tips for you.

1. Enable Video Chat

It's true that many users still prefer to sit in front of a PC, and type to chat with others, but the trend shows more and more users are big fans of video chat now. Because it's easier and people can really be face-to-face!

2. Allow Guests to Chat

Visitors may freely chat without bothering to register, that will greatly improve the popularity of the chat room. The difference however, can be that the registered users can keep their profile and settings for further login, and many other functions to appeal the visitors to register.

3. Enable Social Connect

How to improve registration rates and facilitate greater engagement in the chat room? 123 Flash Chat newly introduces Social Connect feature, which will enable visitors to login the chat using their existing accounts with Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo ID,etc., and also update their status on social networks with their activities in the chat room!

4. Efficient Moderation

A chat room lack of proper moderation will inevitably scare the potential chat users away.
Because a chat room is like a virtual community, the fact that the chat is "live" results in many people acting on impulse, and the complicated human nature will be revealed.

So make sure you have recruited enough dedicated, sociable moderators to work in a shift, who greet chat users and kick/ban annoyance out. They need to cover as much time as possible, but please avoid too many moderators in one room so that it doesn't look like a board room.

5. Hire Chat Robot

If you don't have the budget to hire human moderators, try hiring a female robot from 123 Flash Chat to work for you and get the ball rolling. It only costs $20 per month!

She is beautiful, smart and funny, she greets users and auto-responds, and above all, she works around the clock but never complains!

6. Make Chat Rules

It's very important for chat rooms to have clear rules at the very first beginning, because the last thing you want is for your previously good-natured community to be destroyed by an abusive chat room.

So define rules in the initial auto-greeting message for example, so that users are well informed what behavior is encouraged and what will get his ass kicked.

7. Invisible Admin

Admin may monitor the chat room invisibly, meanwhile still have the full privilege to kick/ban users.
With the invisible admin module of 123 Flash Chat, chat users may feel free to talk but they can't really go too far.

8. Offer More Access to Chat

You can place as much chat link as possible on your website, or embed a chat room on any webpage which needs interaction. The flash client of 123 Flash Chat itself is resizable, making it flexible to be placed anywhere. And it has a lite client which is even more slimmer.

123 Flash Chat works flawlessly cross-devices, it has a HTML client which is iPad, iPhone friendly, which means the users on mobile can chat together with those users on PC!
And the best part is, all of the chat clients mentioned above are free!

9. Host Chat Event

If your chat room runs 7*24, you're probably getting only 10 or even less people chatting in it, and new visitors just take a quick look and leave. On the contrary, a scheduled chat event will be helpful to draw more attention and attract more traffic at a time because many small makes great, it also helps to stimulate quality content.

123 Flash Chat chat-event module is especially designed to organize chat events, with it the chat rooms can be scheduled to open and close automatically.
 Invite Guest Speaker

10. Invite Guest Speaker

Invite famous people in your field or celebrity to chat with your site users, and moderate the chat with 123 Flash Chat moderated-chat module, so that the guest speaker won't be swamped with messages.

In this way your chat room can attract more users rapidly, and become more influential, guest speakers can also enhance your chat event and provide valuable insight on your topic.

11. HTML Room List

Flash client is cool, but users don't have a clue of what's going on in the chat rooms until the room list is loaded. There is a more direct alternative available: HTML room list, which reflects the chat user number before you entering a room. You may check the screenshot, demo or download the sample code to get a better idea.

12. Send Picture and Send File

As you know, a picture is worth a thousand words. Especially in online dating chat room, a photo may get you on fire or turn you off. People may also need to share pictures to express themselves better, or exchange files with each other. So it would be nice if they can do it in your chat room, instead of switching to some other IM systems.

123 Flash Chat image transfer module and file transfer module are just designed for that purpose.

13. Live Broadcast

The chat can be broadcasted on your site with the live show module of 123 Flash Chat, it's fresh website content on one hand, and it will attract more users to join in on the other hand.

14. Build a strong community

You can have a chat room on its own but for one to succeed you really need a strong community, like a social network service community, a forum or a blog. It probably would be easier to introduce a chat room after a website has been established and has a loyal member base, let's say when the site statistics shows many members are online frequently and plenty of new visitors popping in and out, that will be a sign that your website is ready for a chat room.

15. Advertise online

To get things serious, you may need to invest before getting profit. Try Google Adwords for instance, not only Google Search ads, but also Display Network ads.

16. Word of Mouth Marketing

Members are the best referral tool you will ever have. A recommendation from a friend is far more effective than any form of paid advertising you can do. So encourage your chat users to share the chat room to their Facebook or Twitter, etc.

Or, if you have a 123 Flash Chat IM Friends Invitation Module, ask your chat users to invite their friends on Windows Live Messenger or on Gmail to the chat room.

So, let's do it little by little and bit by bit, and remember: success belongs to those who never give up.

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