Avatar Chat Module

Visual Avatar Chat


The avatar chat module turns 123FlashChat to a 2D graphical chat program in addition to text-based chat, the characters walk around in the virtual environments, meet people and chat with them. Chat users don't have to download any client application, they will only use their browsers to navigate and mix in the city. It's way more fun, easy and friendly. Avatar chat will make the members stick to your website.

Avatar Chat Client for 123 Flash Chat, 3D Chat, 2D Chat


- Variety of cyber environments: park, hotel, restaurant, cafe and game room.
- Female or male character to choose.
- Public or private chat session.
- List of chatters in current room.
- Character can walk in four directions.
- Message bubble above the character.
- The users will not have to download additional client programs.
- Click username in chat room to chat with someone directly.

Live Demo for Avatar Chat

Server System Requirements

SSH or telnet access of a dedicated server.

Client System Requirements

Flash Player or higher


Price: $298 for 100 users max, including a 123FlashChat users license and a visual avatar chat module.

Or, the avatar chat module only, $99 $49.

Item 123Flashchat license avatar chat module Price
The package 100 users license Yes $298
The module / Yes $99 $49

You can transfer the fund to our paypal account directly: paypal@topcmm.com.

How to transform a text-based chat room to character-based chat room?

Install a 123flashchat demo version first to get the text chat, log on as admin. Then,

Admin Panel-> Room Panel, select a particular room -> Avatar Chat -> enable avatar chat -> select a scene scheme -> "Submit".

Now you got an avatar chat!

Note: Please be aware of that the text chat and the avatar chat utilize two different SWFs, so it's impossible to access the avatar chat directly from the text chat, but the silver lining is that they can communicate with each other.

And, Video chat is NOT supported yet in Avatar chat client.

How to add avatar chat to website?

Install 123flashchat locally and find "Publish Chat" button in the top menu, get avatar chat preview and "generate code".


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